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I’m Julia, I design products that help people create, learn and connect. I have 7 years of experience as a designer at tech startups and agencies in Toronto, Amsterdam, and Montreal where I’ve taken 7  digital products from planning to launch. I graduated from McGill University with a degree in Economics. My passion lies at the intersection of design and behavioural economics/psychology principles for social good. I enjoy presenting my findings, debating ideas, and articulating my design rationale.  I design user interactions, experiences, and responsive interfaces for iOS, macOS, Android, and web. I am a detail-oriented designer who works across the research, design and development phases to create products that delight. View my Resume

Currently, I am the Lead Product Designer at Flixel Photos, an Apple Design Award winning software startup. Flixel is the maker of Cinemagraph Pro, downloaded by over 3 million people worldwide and featured in Facebook's Profile Expression Kit (BetaKit). I am also a graduate of the  Venture for Canada Entrepreneurship Fellowship Program, where I was chosen as one of 60 recent graduates from a pool of over 2000 applicants. 

I believe ethics is a critical consideration in the design process. I worry about the attention economy, watch This Panda is Dancing - Time Well Spent. I am a big fan of Tristan Harris (Google's former design ethicist) and his work on Humane Tech.  I nerd out over things like Kate Darling’s research on human-robot interaction and robot ethics.

Things I Care About
I spend my free time reading and learning about the things I love like photography, typography, and illustration. I also freelance and volunteer my graphic design services for initiatives I support, like:

  • LGTBQ+ inclusion in tech, branding for  Venture Out Conference

  • Youth involvement in politics,  branding  Youth 7 Conference Canada, the official youth side engagement  of the 2018 G7

  • Alzheimer's Research,  Giving Tuesday Campaign for Baycrest Hospital 

  • Sharing design knowledge, project planning for The Design Cooperative, a school/agency that teaches classes based on briefs for local non-profits

  • Access to affordable, healthy, local produce.  Marketing materials for Good Food Box McGill

  • I am currently working on an awareness project for VisionZeroToronto, Ontario's cycling and pedestrian safe streets initiative

That's a lot of 'I' sentences but I'm hoping you have an idea of what I'm about. If You have anything in common,  want to talk design/creative projects,  or think you would look great in my illustration style (Aka want a portrait),  please drop me a line.  I look forward to meeting you! 


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